Today is National Lasagna Day! This is one of my favorite recipes from my Vegan Recipes & Foods Pinterest board. Doesn’t it look delicious?  It is the Vegan Lasagna with Basil Cashew Cheeze from Oh She Glows, photographed and reviewed by 86 Lemons.  Basil cashew cheese is one of the best vegan foods I’ve been introduced to in the last couple years!  It is so diverse:  you can spread it on bread and crackers, bake it on pizza, make creamy sauce with it, or cover it with breadcrumbs and pan fry!  Make your own following the recipe above or buy a pre-made version, like the amazing basil cashew spread called Basilcotta from Regal Vegan.

Sunday, July 21st is National Ice Cream Day! With the heat wave we’re enduring, I’m welcoming any excuse to enjoy one or two frozen desserts this weekend. After going vegan in 2011, I mourned the loss of ice cream as if I’d lost a beloved friend. I’m not kidding. I had been the kid who spent all my allowance on the ice cream truck and who snuck Breyers’ French Vanilla in Dixie cups any time my parents weren’t in the kitchen. In college, I had an obsession- borderline addiction- to frozen Twix bars and Black Raspberry Frappes. I thought, maybe this will wear off after college? Maybe it’s like all the beer and pizza I am consuming right now…just a phase? Nope. The beer and pizza quickly disappeared but my love of the frozen concoction followed me to NYC- I could still eat it any time of day, any kind of weather but…it never quite agreed with my stomach. I endured the hours of bloating for the 5-10 minutes of indulgence over and over, year after year, until the day I went vegan in 2011 and almost immediately realized the negative effect dairy had been having on my body.
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This week, I decided to try a bite-size version of the frozen banana pops I often make in the summer. I made the little snacks on a hot and sticky afternoon and they were the most delicious, icy treats! As you probably know, when bananas are frozen, they take on a consistency almost like ice cream and are such an easy, healthy alternative to frozen dairy desserts. I made two versions:

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On Friday, we celebrated Katia’s birthday with champagne, Dr. Cow vegan cashew cheese, Basilcotta, Faux Gras and delicious cupcakes from Molly’s Cupcakes.

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!Feliz Cinco De Mayo!  We chose 5 vegan Mexican-inspired dishes to share with you today.  These pictures have us salivating for cilantro, lime, and spice!  Click on each picture for the recipe.

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We made Chocolate Peanut Butter Vegan Cupcakes a couple weeks ago that were so delicious that we couldn’t wait to make another batch!  We decided to try something new this time:  Raspberry Vanilla Vegan Cupcakes.  They are amazing and incredibly easy to make with this semi-homemade approach.
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These lollipops are absolutely delicious! After one lick, you’ll taste the difference between these pops and your ordinary sweet on a stick.  With a selection of mouth-watering original flavors, moms and dads love the taste as much as children do.

YummyEarth lollipops were invented by two dads who wanted to be able to give their children a treat that was organic and free of chemicals and artificial flavors. Continue reading

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