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Anne Edgar Photography, 2010
Bolo Yellow Submarine (Yellow Submarine Cake) - Capa da revista CAKE DESIGN (Cover of the CAKE DESIGN MAGAZINE!)

Mmmmm, donut!

golf bag cake toronto

The most amazing cake ever made!

Cake Girls - Chicago, Il

dinosaur cake

Ladybug on flower cake

tooth cake toronto

My farm cake and cupcakes... again!

bug birthday cake toronto

chinese take out box cake toronto

super mario cake toronto

garden birthday cake toronto

Cheese and Wine Cake

Guitar Cake

new york city wedding cake

UFO Cake

Lion Birthday Cake

Racing car cake!

One comment on “Creative Cakes: 20 Inspiring Designs

  1. Natalie on said:

    Wow, impressive! Maybe I should start brainstorming for Cameron’s first birthday! Looks like there is a high standard!

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