Maypole at Seward Park, NYC (1890)


Click through for a photo collection of New York City children from 1890-1990!

Adults and Children Along the Lake, Central Park (1895)

Kids Selling Newspapers, NYC (1896)

Street Musician with Hand Organ and Children, NYC (1898)

School Duty- Seventh Avenue and 117th Street (1899)

New Playground, NYC (1901)

Mothers and Children Leaving West Side Day Nursery and Industrial School, NYC (1901)

Rockaway Beach (1901)

Girl at Door, NYC (1901)

Gilded Age miniature railroad, 1904

"Limited express" - Railway in Central Park (1904)

Tenement Playground (1910)

Tenement Boy (1910)

Fountains, Madison Sq. Park on hot day (LOC)

Madison Square Park on a Hot Day (1910)

Four Children on a Sidewalk, New York City (1910)

Dot & Lil with an unknown girl, New York, 1912

New York City (1912)

Carnegie playground 5th Ave. N.Y.C. (LOC)

Carnegie Playground- 5th Avenue, 1910-1915

Hot day-babies in a shady spot (LOC)

Hot Day- Babies in a Shady Spot (1910-1915)

Farm for school children, N.Y.C. (LOC)

Farm for School Children (1910-1915)

Play Street Detour Sign- Boys Playing Stickball (1916-1920)

The Bowery as a Watering-Place (1919)

Bootblacks in and around City Hall Park, New York City - July 25, 1924.  Location: New York, New York (State) (LOC)

Bootblack, City Hall Park (July 25, 1924)

Children Playing in Snow, 50th Street Near 4th Avenue (February 19, 1924)

Children Playing in Harlem Streets (1930)

Children Posed in Rear NYC Tenement Courtyard (1935)

Spray Me!

Fire Hydrant on New York City Street (1937)

Street Shower- 105th Street and Park (1938)

Children sleeping NYC 1941

Children Sleeping on Tenement Fire Escape on Irving and Rivington (1941)

Lower Manhattan

Lower Manhattan (October 3, 1942)

Children of the New York City Children’s Aid Society work on their victory gardens at the West Side Center (May 1943)

NYC Kids (1946)

Children Jumping Rope in NYC (1946)

Boy and Car, New York City, 1949

Boy and Car, New York City (1949)

Bookmobile-Bronx Traveling Library (1950s)

Harlem, NYC by Leonard Freed (1956)

Times Square, NYC (1956)

19580700S-R1  On the IRT  NYC  c July 1958

NYC Mother and Child (July 1958)

Madison Avenue Shop Window (1958)

Kids Playing, Williamsburg (1959)

Skateboarding in NYC (1960)

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (1960)

East 100th Street Kids (1966)

1960s clothing fashions, New York City

Playing in the Fountain (August 1967)

United Nations International School

United Nations International School (January 1968)


PS 28 Kindergarten Class at New York Botanical Garden (1973)

Mulberry Street, San Gennaro Festival (1974)


Chinatown Crosswalk (Spring 1975)


Chinatown, Columbus Park (Spring, 1975)

The Prince St. Girls in Little Italy (1975)


Playground, Washington Square Park (1977)

Subway Kids (1979)

My Life in Pictures

First Day of School (1985)

Inside job.

Riding the NYC Subway (1980s)

2nd Avenue Boy (1986)


NYC Swing (1987)

NYC 1987 Central Park - mother and child

Central Park, Mother and Child (1987)

Harlem Baseball (1988)


Hotel Martinique (1988)


Hotel Martinque (1988)

South Street Seaport (1990)

My grandfather and I, Little Italy, 1990

Little Italy, NYC (1990)

Greenwich Village, NYC 1990

Greenwich Village, NYC (1990)

When Innocence Stood

Empire State Building (1990)

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