Last week, we sorted through hundreds of science toys for children, looking for creative, educational, quality toys. After reading all the reviews, we found some amazing products that are popular with parents, educators, and children. Here’s the list of our favorites that ranked high in safety ratings and parent reviews!


1.  Blast of Color by Be Amazing! Toys.  Ages:  4+

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We put together a collection of holiday gift ideas for kids to inspire you on your search for original, imaginative, quality gifts.  Scroll below the images for clickable links to all the items on our list!

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The PlanToys Dancing Alligator is one of the most popular toys in our Playroom.  Toddlers and preschoolers love to hold on to the string as they walk (or run!) and the alligator click-clacks with every step!  The toy, first introduced in 1999, has won numerous toy awards and continues to be a staple in every eco-friendly playroom. Get yours for only $14.95 at

[NYC Playground circa 1910]

This photo, taken 100 years ago in a New York City playground, shows a toddler playing in the dirt with some basic toys:  a bucket and shovel. We love that this timeless pastime is still a favorite with children even though technology has transformed the way children play.

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