Last week, we sorted through hundreds of science toys for children, looking for creative, educational, quality toys. After reading all the reviews, we found some amazing products that are popular with parents, educators, and children. Here’s the list of our favorites that ranked high in safety ratings and parent reviews!


1.  Blast of Color by Be Amazing! Toys.  Ages:  4+

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About this kit:

• Learn about chemistry as you make colorful solutions from fizzing, dissolving tablets.

• Use a pipette and a color wheel to mix up lots of different colors.

• Grow big, squishy, colorful jelly crystals.

• Become a jelly crystallologist as you sort colorful beads, then watch as they expand to many times their original size into colorful jelly marbles that BOUNCE!

• Make a rainbow in a test tube.

• Grow amazingly realistic-looking “Instant Snow.”

The kit incorporates three of the basic skills that educators recommend young children learn (measure, observe, classify) as an introduction to learning and science in general. The included lab materials (test tube rack, pipettes, mixing tray) turn any flat, water-safe surface into a realistic science laboratory.


2.  T-Rex Framed Excavation Kit by Discovery Channel.  Ages:  6+

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About this kit:

Go on a dig and uncover a massive T-Rex with this stimulating, scientific T-Rex Framed Excavation kit. Use the same tools modern paleontologists use, including a chisel and hammer, as you chip away to discover the skeleton of the most famous prehistoric predator. The T-Rex Framed Excavation is a superlative set for aspiring archaeologists, paleontologists, scientists and dinosaur enthusiasts. When done, hang your miraculous excavation on the wall!


3.  Ultimate Geodes Science Kit  by Dr. Cool Science.  Ages:  6+

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About this kit:

The geodes in this kit are millions of years old and were formed when prehistoric volcanoes erupted. Break open real geodes to discover the incredible crystal treasure hidden inside! This ultimate kit includes 15 geodes from 3 different mines so your rock hound can experience a wider variety of crystal formations which could include: Quartz, fluorite, calcite, or even amethyst! Geodes are an amazing natural phenomenon, and cracking them open is a thrill for all ages! This kit also includes safety goggles and a full-color adventure guide. Geodes range in size from 1.5” – 2” in diameter.


4.  My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope by C & A Scientific.  Ages: 9+

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About this microscope:

It has dual light sources (above & below) to allow viewing of specimens on glass slides (light shines up from under the slide and through the tissue) and small solid objects (light shines down on the specimen). Real optical glass lenses and AA battery power for portability, this unit includes a multitude of accessories and was awarded “TOP TOY of the Year” in 2007 by Creative Child Magazine. We sourced and developed (in 1998) the My First Lab Microscope to fill this need in the market. The success of the original model has led to a line of various options.


5. Mind Blowing Science Kit by Scientific Explorer. Ages: 4-8

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About this kit:

Scientific Explorer’s Mind Blowing Science Kit makes it possible to create your very own science lab at home. This smartly designed science kit allows young scientists to perform several amazing science experiments that range from erupting a color-changing volcano to growing colorful, jiggly crystals. Young scientists will learn about basic principles behind the science including the difference between acids and bases, and how to use a test tube and pipette. Although designed for use by children ages four and older, adult supervision is needed for safety and to ensure that young scientists get the most out of the Mind Blowing Science Kit.

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