[Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street, NYC- November 24, 1937 source]

photographer: Berenice Abbot

 On November 13, 1927, The Clifford Milburn Holland Tunnel opened, connecting Manhattan to Jersey City!  Some interesting facts about the tunnel:
-The tunnel was named after the chief engineer on the project, who passed away from a heart attack before it was complete- sadly, just days before the NJ and NY sides of the tunnel were about to meet in 1924.  His successor, Milton Freeman, also died 5 months later! This left the third chief engineer, Ole Singstad, with the task of finishing the tunnel. (source)

-On the first day open, 51,694 vehicles passed through the tunnel! Cars paid 50 cents, motorcycles paid 25 cents, and trucks paid up to $2.00. (source/source)

-The tunnel cost $54,000,000- equivalent to around $700,000,000 today! (source)

-The tunnel took 7 years to complete, with construction beginning on February 1, 1920. (source)

-Number of ceiling tiles: 3.1 million | Number of wall tiles: 2.9 million (source)


Keep reading to view old photos of the tunnel under construction and its early days!

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Last week, we hosted our first annual Halloween Costume Party at TLB Music!  Our amazing staff teamed up to transform our music studio and playspace with giant cobwebs, bats, jack-o-lanterns, lights, balloons, LED candles, and more.  We created a Trick-or-Treat table filled with yummy vegan sweets like YumEarth lollipops, Dandies Marshmallows, Newman’s Own Cookies, and fruit.  I also baked almost 300 mini brownies!  (Brownies are so easy to veganize:  just substitute eggs with flax eggs in any brownie recipe.)  Continue reading to see my photos from the party!

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(The Great Bartholdi Statue: Liberty Enlightening the World, 1886 source)

Happy Birthday, Statue of Liberty! The Statue of Liberty, designed by French sculptor Frédéric Bartholdi, was a gift from France and took 21 years from its conception (1865) to its completion in New York Harbor. After years of struggling to raise the money for the pedestal (France required the US would provide), the statue finally made its way to America on June 17, 1885 and by April of 1886, the pedestal was complete and construction began placing Lady Liberty on her outlook from Bedloe’s Island. The Statue of Liberty opened on October 28, 1886 with a dedication ceremony led by President Grover Cleveland and a parade that traveled from Madison Square to the southern tip of the Manhattan!

Today is also another special day for The Statue of Liberty:  today, the statue reopened exactly one year after closing due to the damage caused from Hurricane Sandy!  In honor of its 127th birthday and reopening, I put together some old photos and illustrations of The Statue of Liberty under construction and at its unveiling.  Click on images to enlarge.

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[59th Street Bridge, NYC click to enlarge]

photo credit: Carina Zimmerman

[Insert Banksy Here, NYC click to enlarge]

When I spotted this sticker on Jersey Street in Soho, I had to snap a photo to share!  Like lots of New Yorkers, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled, hoping to find a Banksy somewhere on the streets of NYC during his month-long residency.  No luck so far!

Photo credit: Carina Zimmerman

[Duane Street, NYC: October 14, 1891 source | enlarge photo ]

I love these photos of construction on Duane and Barclay Streets taken 122 years ago today!

[Barclay Street, NYC: October 14, 1891 source | enlarge photo]


Top photo:  Prince Street, Soho (1985) by Matt Weber
Bottom photo: Carina on Prince Street, Soho (2013) by Katia Asthalter

click here to enlarge image


[Painted Legs by LegheadLoves | Soho, NYC ]

click here to enlarge

photo credit: Carina Zimmerman 

Katia and I are so excited to be throwing our first Halloween costume party for kids at TLB Music!  We can’t wait to decorate the studio with cobwebs, spiders, glowing lights, pumpkins, and more.  If you live in the NYC area, please join us on October 30th for music, making Halloween-themed crafts, playing in our indoor playspace, and snacking on yummy sweets. We’ll be giving away $100 in Bird Bucks to TLB’s staff pick for favorite costume of the day and will be raffling off a full session of music classes ($688 value) for our Winter/Spring 2014 session!

What: Halloween Costume Party for kids ages 4 months – 6 years
Where: TLB Music 266 East 78th Street (between 2nd and 3rd) NY, NY 10075
When: Wednesday, October 30th 2013
Time: come anytime between 2:30 – 5:00! We think most people will stay about an hour.
Tickets: $20 per child in advance | $25 per child at door | 50% off siblings
How to Purchase Tickets: Call 212-744-0404, email, or purchase tickets online at:

[Times Square, NYC click here to enlarge]

photo credit: Carina Zimmerman

Empire State Building, 1931
photo source

I love this shot of the Empire State Building nearing completion in 1931.  The observation deck hadn’t been constructed yet so the photo was retouched to add it in!  
Here’s a picture of the same view 82 years later:

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(George Washington Bridge, NYC)

Last night, I returned from a week of relaxation with friends and family.  I love the feeling of driving down the West Side Highway with the windows down on a summer night!  I always feel home when I see the lights of the George Washington Bridge!

photo credit: Carina Zimmerman

I took this picture before leaving for vacation!  What a gorgeous end-of-summer glow.
click here to enlarge

photo credit: Carina Zimmerman

(Beach Scene, NY- August 1, 1899)
click here to enlarge | photo source

I’m heading to the beach for the week so I decided to do a post dedicated to old, nostalgic photos from New York beaches.  Can you imagine wearing these “swimsuits”? Those dresses must have been so hot and heavy!

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