Creating origami art is a perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon.  It’s a quiet activity that will exercise your child’s concentration and fine motor skills.  Try making this little piano today!  We created a template for you to download and print.  Use regular copying paper and print page 1 first, then print page 2 on the reverse side.  Follow the pictures below!

Click here to download the Piano Origami Template

Front Side of Template

Back Side of Template

After cutting out the square, place it with the piano keys at the top of the front side of paper. Now fold the square in half vertically.

Open the sheet of paper.

Now, fold both sides in vertically to meet the center fold we just created.

Open the sheet again.

Fold the paper in half horizontally.

Fold in top corners to meet the outermost folds.

Open the corners back up.

This is the trickiest step. Fold the paper in toward the center fold from each side, reversing the bend of the outer folds.

Make a fold along the white part of the paper up to the piano keys.

Fold again inward, making a bend on the other side of the piano keys.

Now, fold the keyboard upward, making a firm crease.

Fold the outer edges vertically to the center fold. Make a firm crease!

Stand the piano upright. You can reinforce the keyboard folds by using double-sided tape!

Cut out your sheet music and place on piano!

Can you find Middle C?


Send a picture of your completed origami piano to to be featured in a Bird Feed children’s art gallery!

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