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Henry and the Hot Air Balloon (Music Classes): I finally finished my curriculum, “Henry and the Hot Air Balloon”, for TLB’s Fall music classes and am so excited to kick off the school year with this diverse program!  Our music classes follow a theme that changes every 4 months.  This theme’s concept is that we’ll be “flying” to a new country each week in class, meeting its music, culture, landscape, and animals.  Kids will listen to songs in different languages and be introduced to a full orchestra of classical instruments and a variety of world folk instruments.   The great part is that we target goals in each developmental phase as they’re simply having fun making music!  Some of the countries we’ll visit throughout the session:  Brazil, Nigeria, Austria, France, Australia, Russia, Mexico and Argentina.  Classes are available for kids ages 4 months – 6 years. Schedule/Registration Info

I ♥ Broadway: This drama class is for kids ages ages 4-6. It’s taught by our amazingly talented Playroom director, Chad. Students learn the plot and history of Broadway musicals in addition to choreography, singing, and acting! Schedule/Registration Info

Hip Hop 101 with Princess Superstar: Princess Superstar is a renowned rapper and DJ who has played in over 20 countries and worked with amazing musicians and producers! She’s designed a class for kids ages 3-6 and it is so much fun. Students learn about Hip Hop’s origins, write lyrics, practice rapping, dance, freestyle, learn slang and create beats with percussion instruments. I wrote about this class in detail here. Schedule/Registration Info

Let’s Gogh Art: Let’s Gogh Art offers mobile classes around the city and we’re excited to be hosting two of theirs this Fall. Munchkins and Masterpieces introduces students ages 2.5 – 4 years to works by great artists and uses their style as inspiration for unique art projects. Let’s Gogh Dance (ages 2.5-4) incorporates movement and story into this creative art class. Schedule/Registration Info

All classes are held on the Upper East Side at:

TLB Music
266 East 78th Street
(between 2nd and 3rd)
New York, NY 10075

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