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I created this listening activity for our kids classes at TLB Music. The idea is to have children listen to three classical pieces of music, creating music-inspired art along with them, trying to capture the feel of each piece. We use crayons in class, but you can use a pencil, colored pens, markers, or whatever you’d like! The only information you need to give them before listening is the name of the piece, the composer and his country of origin, and the small talking points listed. When they’re done listening and completing their art, kids can cut out their three drawings to play the game. See if they can recall what each piece sounds like when you play shorts excerpts for them!

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We use this sheet in our music classes at TLB Music when we teach conducting patterns to our students.   It’s a fun way to introduce time signature to children by attaching a physical motion to each signature, making it easy to remember the rhythms.  You can use anything you’d like as your conducting batons when practicing with your kids!  In class, we use mallets turned backwards before graduating to the big baton. Pencils, straws, or your finger will work just as well!

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Washington Square Park is my favorite park in NYC.  It’s always filled with a diverse crowd, inspiring musicians, artists, adorable animals, and children playing!  The next time you visit with your kids, print a copy of this scavenger hunt and see if you can you find all 20 items!
Click the link below to download and print the PDF.

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I wrote this little song to use in our children’s music classes at TLB Music. With younger kids, we practice playing in 4/4 time, tapping drums on the first two beats of each measure, then resting for the 3rd and 4th. With older children, we play the melody on xylophones and keyboards. Click on the image for a downloadable PDF of the sheet!

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, I thought it was the perfect time to begin holiday crafting! To get started on your American flag, simply print out the sheet below. All you need is a red and blue crayon or colored pencil, a stick to create your flagpole, and double-sided tape.

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I created this musical instruments coloring sheet to use in our classes at TLB Music when we’re learning about the String family! Click the link below to download and print.

Musical Instruments Coloring Sheet- The String Family PDF

Get artsy: supply a variety of copper tones, golden shades, and dark mahogany colors to give your kids more options than just brown!
Send a picture or scan of your completed coloring sheet to to be featured in a Bird Feed children’s art gallery.

I created a printable Father’s Day card for your kids to color and design!

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Next time you take a road trip with your kids, print a copy of this scavenger hunt to bring along!
Can you find all 20?
Click the link below to download and print the PDF.

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We use these time signature activity sheets in our children’s music classes at TLB Music!
Click on the image to enlarge and print.

Whether you’re raising NYC kids or just visiting the Big Apple with your children, this printable scavenger hunt is a perfect activity to bring along when exploring the city!
Click the link below to download and print:

Scavenger Hunt for Kids: New York City Search PDF

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Our students at TLB Music love playing the violin. They start plucking and bowing on 1/8 size violins as early as age two or three in class! These printable sheets are perfect for learning the parts of the violin. Click through for the activity sheets!

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We use these C Major Scale activity sheets in our classes at TLB Music.  Use the first one to practice drawing a C Major scale and the second for identifying the notes of the scale.  Ask children to pay attention to each note’s location on the musical staff as you work.  Is it on a line or a space?  Which line? Which space? Does its stem point up or down?  Click on photos to enlarge and print!

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Use these number coloring sheets for tracing and coloring!
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This coloring sheet is perfect for practicing counting and identifying animals by color.
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This game is a perfect Valentine’s Day activity for kids. Click image to enlarge!

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