This week, TLB Music‘s mini camp theme is outer space!  One of our campers craft activities is creating a spaceship collage using colorful shapes.  This is a great activity for young kids to work on concepts like shapes, colors, counting and how to draw objects using shapes as your guide.

Student Materials:
a variety of colorful paper cut into rectangles, squares, triangles and circles
a black piece of paper, a glue stick, a circle moon, and orange & red crepe paper streamer pieces.

Teacher Materials: circle hole punch, scissors, paper cutter (optional)
All craft supplies used are at bottom of post.

Teacher Prep: -punch 2” circles out of paper with printed moon surface
-cut or rip strips of orange and red crepe paper streamer into various triangles sizes
-cut shapes in a variety of colors (windows: 2” circles | doors: 2.5” squares |
cabins: 5.5” x 3” rectangles | roofs: triangles made by cutting 3” squares in half |
wings: triangles made by cutting 2.5” squares in half)
*If students are older, they can help with the “teacher prep” section!

Pass out black paper. Let each child choose one rectangle for the main cabin of their spaceship.  Ask kids to identify the shape & color before gluing.

Step 1 (main cabin): In the center of your black paper, glue the main cabin.

Now, let everyone choose a roof. What shape is it? (triangle) What color did they choose?

Step 2 (roof): Glue the roof on top of the cabin.

Let everyone pick a window to put at the top of the cabin beneath the roof. What shape is it? (circle) What color did everyone pick?

Step 3 (window): Glue window on spaceship so astronauts can look out the window!

Next, everyone need to put a door under the window so that the astronauts can enter the spaceship! What shape is the door? (square) What color did everyone choose?

Step 4 (door): Glue square door beneath circle window.

Now we need to create fire coming out of the engine at the bottom of our spaceship. Ask kids to choose some small pieces of orange and red crepe paper.

Step 5 (fire): Wrinkle the pieces of crepe paper for texture then glue at bottom of spaceship.

Next, let each child pick two triangles to create the wings for the ship!

Step 6 (wings): Glue wings to the bottom on each side of the ship. Cover a bit of the fire with the wings!

Our space ship is heading to the moon! Pick one moon each. What shape, color? (circle, gray)
*Find moon surface pictures to print on Wikipedia!

Step 7 (moon): Glue moon on top of the black paper.

These are the craft supplies I used:

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