I created this printable Valentine’s Day card for your kids to color and design!

First, print page 1 of the “5 Things I Love About You” card. Then, flip the printed sheet over and print page 2 on the reverse side. A sturdy brochure paper is best, but regular printer paper works as well. Now color, cut, and fold!

Ask your children to think about 5 things they love about the person they are making the card for and encourage them to draw pictures to accompany each item! Kids can then personalize their card on the inside and flip over to draw a small self-portrait. For the envelope, print the template below. Fold in the sides first, then flip up the bottom flap and seal with glue or double-sided tape. I prefer using Scotch’s removable double sided tape. It’s less messy than glue and children can readjust the flaps if they don’t fold on the lines on their first try! To seal, use a sticker or a piece of double-sided tape.  If using printer paper, make sure to use crayons or colored pencils instead of markers to avoid bleed-through.

Click the links below to print the card and envelope! Happy Crafting!

5 Things I Love About You (free, printable card) PDF

5 Things I Love About You (Envelope) PDF

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