American singer/songwriter and guitarist Jeff Buckley was born on November 17, 1966 in Anaheim, California and was raised as Scotty Moorhead. When he was only 8 years old, his biological father, Tim Buckley (a singer/songwriter) died of a drug overdose. After his father’s death, “Scotty” started using his real first name and father’s last name: Jeffrey Scott Buckley. In the 1990s, Jeff was part of the NYC music scene in Lower Manhattan. He was known for playing covers by a diverse mix of artists like Led Zepellin, Bob Dylan, Édith Piaf, Elton John, The Smiths, and Leonard Cohen. “Hallelujah”, his 1994 cover of the 1984 Leonard Cohen song, is probably his best-known.  Watch the video below and share in his honor today!


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