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The Brooklyn Bridge, originally called the East River Bridge, opened 130 years ago today on May 24, 1883. Here are some of my favorite images of the bridge from the 1870s to the early 1900s.  I love the construction pictures!  Click on each image to enlarge.

Brooklyn Bridge Construction, mid 1870s


Brooklyn Bridge Construction, 1877


Brooklyn Bridge Construction, 1878


Brooklyn Bridge under construction, 1878


The Brooklyn Bridge under construction with the "catwalk" and Manhattan anchorage in the foreground- 1878-1879



Bridge Opening- May 24, 1883


Bird's-Eye View of Bridge, 1883



Brooklyn Bridge, 1894



Brooklyn Bridge, 1895



Brooklyn Bridge, 1899


"The Brooklyn Bridge, whose stone pillars and butments, seen from afar, seem frail as air in the gray mist, but support an everlasting stream of traffic." 1899



Brooklyn Bridge, 1900


Brooklyn Bridge, 1903


Brooklyn Bridge, 1913


Bridge painters perch on the suspension wires of the Brooklyn Bridge- October 7, 1914


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