Our clients at TLB Music are always asking us to recommend books about music for their children.  We’re always happy to introduce them to a selection of our favorites from our bookshelves.

Here’s our list of 10 great books about music for kids:

1.  This Jazz Man (Karen Ehrhardt- author/ R.G. Roth-illustrator)
Set to the rhythm of the popular kids song “This Old Man”, this book is lots of fun to read aloud with kids of all ages!  Some of the Jazz Musicians featured: Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, and Charles Mingus!  view on www.amazon.com


2. The Story of the Orchestra (Robert Levine- author/ Meredith Hamilton- illustrator)
This book is perfect for big kids (ages 8-12)!  It illustrates in detail the instruments of the orchestra, famous composers, and musical styles.  The 70-minute CD includes musical selections to accompany the text. This makes a great gift!  view on www.amazon.com

3. Play, Mozart, Play!  (Peter Sis- author/illustrator)
This is a great book about Mozart for young children.  In this simple story, we learn about his life as a child and young musician.  view on www.amazon.com

4. Violet’s Music  (Angela Johnson-Author/ Laura Huliska-Beith- Illustrator)
Violet is a little girl who has loved playing music since she was a baby.  Always on the search for kids who feel the same way, Violet’s Music tells the story of her journey to finding some new like-minded friends!  view on www.amazon.com

5. Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin (Lloyd Moss- author/ Marjorie Priceman-illustrator)
Meet the instruments of the orchestra with the clever and catchy verse of this classic book.  view on www.amazon.com

6. Ah, Music!  (Aliki-author/illustrator)
In our opinion, this is a must-have for every young musician!  This book provides a concise history of music, an introduction to the instruments of the orchestra, and an overview of many topics like conducting, harmony, and dance. view on www.amazon.com

7. Forever Young  (Bob Dylan-author/ Paul Rogers-illustrator)
Bob Dylan’s lyrics to his 1974 hit come to life with Paul Rogers’ illustrations.  This is a perfect gift for Dylan fans with families! view on www.amazon.com

8. Listen to My Trumpet! (Mo Willems-author/illustrator)
Piggie tries to impress Gerald with his trumpet playing in Mo Willems’ latest book.  view on www.amazon.com

9. Can You Hear It?  (William Lach-author/artwork by several artists)
This book, created by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is another great one for older children!  Famous works of art are paired with musical selections from the included CD and William Lach asks questions of the readers for each piece. This book is interactive, engaging, and imaginative!   view on www.amazon.com

10. Baby Beluga  (Raffi-author/Ashley Wolff-illustrator)
Children love this song and will also love reading along with the cute illustrations!  view on www.amazon.com

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