One of our favorite classical pieces to play in our music classes is Aquarium by Camille Saint-Saens.  Aquarium is the 7th Movement of Saint-Saens’ Suite Carnival of the Animals.  Our students love dancing to the soothing melody and shimmering glissando of the piece.

3 ways to introduce Aquarium to your child:

1.  Ask your child to pretend to be a fish, “swimming” to the sound of the music.  We use blue streamers in class- be creative and use various blue and white items to make swirling water!  Ideas:  small blankets, scarves, crepe paper, pillowcases, ribbons, etc.

2.  Create “Music-Inspired Art”.  In our classes, our students listen to live classical music while drawing with crayons.  Give your child a blank piece of paper to draw or print the coloring sheet below!

(click to enlarge and print)

3.  Play this relaxing piece of music before naptime.  Ask your child to close his/her eyes and imagine fish swimming deep in the ocean.

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