Have you seen this amazing version of Ben E. King’s “Stand by Me” created by various artists around the globe?  The video, from the award-winning documentary Playing for Change, is one of many created by the Playing for Change Foundation.   The Foundation’s mission is to change the world through music education.

From their site:

The Playing For Change Foundation is dedicated to creating positive social change through music education. We are driven by the belief that peace and change are possible through the universal language of music. By providing children a safe place to learn, flourish and express themselves, PFCF helps provide a creative alternative to the struggles many of these children face daily. Music’s global impacts are explored via interaction with other schools, students, teachers and musical traditions. Our music schools are designed to benefit the students and the communities where they live. Each school belongs to its local community. Materials and labor for the buildings are locally sourced and supplied. When possible, instruments are made by and purchased from local artisans, classes are taught by local teachers, and the schools are owned and administered by local community members. The community is invested in the success of its school.

To view more videos by the Playing for Change Foundation, click here.

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