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These award-winning animals make the perfect gift for a toddler!  Stuffies are giving new meaning to the words “stuffed animal”: they have 7 secret pockets for kids to hide their “treasures” and each comes with a hidden interactive storybook.  I was sold on this item when I read Stuffies‘ near-flawless reviews.  Reviewers with children ages 2-10 rave about how much their kids love these toys.  They’re “cuddly”, “durable”, and all-around “loveable”.  I just ordered “Gracie the Hippo” for my almost-3-year-old nephew who loves collecting and carrying coins, sticks, and small toys!

Below are links to view my favorite Stuffies on Amazon.  Read the reviews and make sure to check out all 16 designs!

1. Sky the Giraffe  view on Amazon
2. Digger the Dog  view on Amazon
3. Blaze the Dragon  view on Amazon
4. Scout the Monkey  view on Amazon
5. Prancine the Unicorn  view on Amazon
6. Gracie the Hippo  view on Amazon
7. Shuffles the Turtle  view on Amazon
8. Champ the Lion  view on Amazon
9. Dash the Horse  view on Amazon

“Animals-on-Wheels” are the newest addition to TLB Music‘s indoor playspace! These adorable push toys by Green Toys are perfect for babies and toddlers: they’re sized for small hands, safe, durable, and really easy to clean.

*”Animals-on-Wheels” are made from 100% recycled milk jugs.
*Encourage fine and gross motor skills.
*No sharp edges or metal axles.
*No BPA, phthalates, or PVC.
*3 adorable designs to choose from: elephant, pig, and turtle.
*Affordable: only $12.99 each (we got ours for less than $9 each on Amazon!)
*Dishwasher safe!

Why Green Toys is one of my favorite toy companies:
In the past 5 years, thousands of kids have visited our indoor playspace to play with the variety of eco-friendly toys we keep stocked. While other similar toys have needed replacing, the Green Toys items stand the test of time. Their trucks, kitchen sets, and stackers all look (almost) new and haven’t faded in color or function!  I love that in addition to being eco-friendly and safe for babies and toddlers, they’re also extremely durable and long-lasting.

View Animals-on-Wheels on


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1. Snow Stompers by Poof Slinky  {View on Amazon}
Your kids will love stomping through the snow, leaving behind giant footprints. Easily attaches to shoes or boots!

2. Sno-Brick Maker by Poof Slinky  {View on Amazon}
This mold makes snow “bricks” so kids can construct forts, igloos, walls, and castles!

3. Snowball Maker by Flexible Flyer  {View on Amazon}
Make a snowball in seconds with this handy tool.

4. Toddler Boggan Sled by Paricon Sleds  {View on Amazon}
This pulling-sled is ideal for young toddlers. With a high back and safety straps, your little one won’t miss out on outdoor winter fun!

5. Kids Snow Shovel by Suncast  {View on Amazon}
This practical mini shovel is perfect for small hands.

6. Freestyle Mini Luge Snow Sled by Zipfy  {View on Amazon}
This lightweight sled is easy for kids to carry up hills and is a favorite with reviewers who love its speed, its sleek look, and the fact that it can hold up to 250 pounds- meaning parents can get in on the fun!

7. Snow Ball Throwing Stick by SnoFling  {View on Amazon}
Take your snowball fight to the next level with a SnoFling.

8. Snow Dino Kit by Wide Ideas Inc.  {View on Amazon}
Tired of making your same old snowman? Update the classic snow sculpture with this adorable set! Wide Ideas Inc. also makes a snowman kit (level 1) and a snowbear kit (level 2).

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Gift shopping for the little ones in your life? I put together a list of some of my favorite non-toxic, eco-friendly gifts for kids, including toys by environmentally-responsible companies like Green Toys, PlanToys, and Hape.

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I put together a guide of kids beach essentials filled with everything you need need to spend a summer day by the shore. Sunscreen, sandals, towels, and trucks- keep reading for 24 must-have items!

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(My nephew using his Mommy’s lens cap as a teether!)

Teething babies and toddlers will put anything in their mouth to soothe and stimulate their sore gums! These are my 5 favorite teething toys:

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Click through for 10 of our favorite eco-friendly toys for kids!

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We put together a collection of classic toys and games designed with a stylish, modern aesthetic.    No apps on this list and no batteries needed!  We’re going back to basics with tops, blocks, hopscotch, darts, and dominoes!

1.  Cat Steps by Educo (3-7 years) $12.99
view this item on
Move over tin cans! These steps are safe, sturdy, and perfect for walking in the sand. Your children will improve balance, coordination, and motor skills while leaving behind adorable cat paw prints along their path! 
2. Spinning Tops Optical Set by Haba (3-8 years) $8.99
view this item on
This top set comes with 8 optical illusion disks to try!
3. Life on Earth Matching Game by eeBoo (4-8 years) $12.51
view this item on
The gorgeous images on these sturdy cards are a perfect way to learn about different animals and improve memory skills. Continue reading

Hohner makes fantastic, durable musical instruments for young children.  Almost all of the instruments our students play in our Upper East Side music studio are by Hohner.  They are attractive, easy to clean, and have great sound!  We put together a list of the 5 most popular.
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