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I created this Halloween coloring sheet for you to download and print for your kids!  Click on the image below for your free PDF copy!



Coloring inspiration:

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, I thought it was the perfect time to begin holiday crafting! To get started on your American flag, simply print out the sheet below. All you need is a red and blue crayon or colored pencil, a stick to create your flagpole, and double-sided tape.

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I created this musical instruments coloring sheet to use in our classes at TLB Music when we’re learning about the String family! Click the link below to download and print.

Musical Instruments Coloring Sheet- The String Family PDF

Get artsy: supply a variety of copper tones, golden shades, and dark mahogany colors to give your kids more options than just brown!
Send a picture or scan of your completed coloring sheet to to be featured in a Bird Feed children’s art gallery.

I created a printable Father’s Day card for your kids to color and design!

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Use these number coloring sheets for tracing and coloring!
Click on the images below to enlarge, save, and print.
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This coloring sheet is perfect for practicing counting and identifying animals by color.
Click on images to enlarge, save, and print!

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Wassily Kandinsky’s paintings are perfect to share with young children- his abstract artwork is full of recognizable shapes and colors! We created a printable coloring activity using Kandinsky’s 1932 painting “Decisive Pink”.

“Decisive Pink” by Wassily Kandinsky

Click on the images below to enlarge and print.

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We created a set of coloring pages for you to use with your children!  On each sheet, start by tracing the color name in the corresponding color then identify all the items and fill in.
Click through to get all the printable coloring sheets!
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