board books

1. Beach Day! 1-2 years | view on
Anahid Hamparian (author), Kristin Sorra (illustrator)

2. Commotion in the Ocean 3 and up | view on
Giles Andreae (author), David Wojtowycz (illustrator)

3. Over in the Ocean: In a Coral Reef 3 and up | view on
Marianne Berkes (author), Jeanette Canyon (illustrator)

4. Ladybug Girl at the Beach 3-5 years | view on
David Soman (author/illustrator), Jacky Davis (illustrator)

5. I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean 4 and up | view on
Kevin Sherry (author)

6. Pete the Cat: Pete at the Beach 4-8 years | view on
James Dean (author/illustrator)

7. Beach Day! 4-8 years | view on
Karen Roosa (author), Maggie Smith (illustrator)

8. Science in Seconds at the Beach: Exciting Experiments You Can Do in Ten Minutes or Less
ages 9 and up | view on
Jean Potter (author)

The bookshelf in the front lobby of our music studio and playroom is always surrounded by young children reading and exploring our book collection.  We have picture books, board books, bilingual books, books about music, books about science, and much more!   Here are five of the most popular board books for young children on our shelves. Continue reading

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