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A reader from Australia asked me to give my “Nature Walk” scavenger hunt an Aussie update for her daughter’s 5th birthday party.  Here it is!  Download the free printable below!

Scavenger Hunt- Aussie Nature Walk PDF

Want more scavenger hunts? CLICK HERE

I’ve been wanting to make this printable New York City Boroughs Coloring Sheet for a while now and finally got around to it this weekend!  Ask children to assign the colors, numbers, or shapes they want to use for each borough and mark them in the key at the bottom of the sheet.  Now, using one of the completed sheets below as a guide (or without, as a test), fill in the map according to the key.

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Because the printable Father’s Day card I created last year was such a hit (pinned over 52K times so far!), I decided to create the Mother’s Day equivalent of the card.  This is a crafty, creative, and personal way of saying “Happy Mother’s Day”!

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Use this sheet for learning how to draw one of my favorite instruments to play- the violin!  Trace the dotted lines step by step then try drawing a violin on a blank sheet of paper.  It’s a challenge!  Click on the link below to download, save, and print the activity sheet:

Printable Activity for Kids-How to Draw a Violin

To learn the parts of the violin and bow, use this activity sheet!

This printable activity sheet is perfect for teaching children where the notes C, D, and E sit on the musical staff and where they are played on a piano keyboard or xylophone. Two easy songs to play with just C, D, and E: “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and “Hot Cross Buns”! Once your kids are ready to add more notes, try my “One Two” activity sheet for learning notes C through G.

Click here to download the sheet: Music Activity Sheet for Kids: Notes C, D, and E

This printable craft for kids is perfect for Valentine’s Day! Create a butterfly lollipop or pencil topper in 3 easy steps. Start by clicking below to enlarge, download and print the activity sheet. Then:

1) Cut out wings & fold in half
2) Cut two small notches on center fold
3) Insert lollipop or pencil!

*extra: add two 2 tiny antennae if you’d like!

Heart Butterfly Wings {Free, Printable Craft for Kids}

I created this printable Valentine’s Day card for your kids to color and design!

First, print page 1 of the “5 Things I Love About You” card. Then, flip the printed sheet over and print page 2 on the reverse side. A sturdy brochure paper is best, but regular printer paper works as well. Now color, cut, and fold!

Ask your children to think about 5 things they love about the person they are making the card for and encourage them to draw pictures to accompany each item! Kids can then personalize their card on the inside and flip over to draw a small self-portrait. For the envelope, print the template below. Fold in the sides first, then flip up the bottom flap and seal with glue or double-sided tape. I prefer using Scotch’s removable double sided tape. It’s less messy than glue and children can readjust the flaps if they don’t fold on the lines on their first try! To seal, use a sticker or a piece of double-sided tape.  If using printer paper, make sure to use crayons or colored pencils instead of markers to avoid bleed-through.

Click the links below to print the card and envelope! Happy Crafting!

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Musical spelling activities are the perfect way to make practicing note identification fun. This sheet is more challenging than my first musical spelling activity sheet so make sure to complete that one before trying Level 2!

Click here to enlarge, save, and print image!

Warm up with this C Major Scale Activity for Kids.  For beginners, print the scale as a guide.

This weekend,  when looking into adopting a turkey for this Thanksgiving via Farm Sanctuary, I realized I’d never really learned much about turkeys!  So… I did a little research about the bird and created this “Turkey Fun Facts” sheet for kids.

click here to enlarge image

This Thanksgiving craft for kids is so simple to make!  All you need is the printable template, scissors, an empty toilet paper roll, and double-stick tape or glue.  I printed my template on brochure paper for sturdier feathers but regular printer paper works as well.  Click the link below to view, save, and print the “Create Your Own Turkey” PDF and click through for step by step instructions!

Create Your Own Turkey PDF {printable craft from The Bird Feed}

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I used to love the musical spelling activities my piano teacher Mrs. Weedon would assign me so I decided to start making some for The Bird Feed.  Here is the first!

For beginners, warm up with this C Major Scale Activity for Kids.

 Ready for more of a challenge? Try Musical Spelling-Level 2!


I created this Halloween coloring sheet for you to download and print for your kids!  Click on the image below for your free PDF copy!



Coloring inspiration:

We made this lollipop spider to hang above our YummyEarth jar at TLB Music.  All you need is a lollipop, black pipe cleaners and adhesive eyes!  It’s so easy to make: wrap 4 pipe cleaners around the lollipop stick, bend them into little legs, then apply the eyes.  If want to hang your spider, just use monofilament line!


Here is what we used for our spider:

YummyEarth Lollipop: The kids (and parents) at TLB love these lollipops! They are certified organic, gluten-free, egg-free, soy-free, nut-free, peanut-free, casein-free, dairy-free, all-natural, and most importantly, unbelievably delicious. View YummyEarth lollipops on Amazon.

Black Pipe Cleaners: Buy at your local craft store or you can order a pack on Amazon.

Wiggly Eyes: You can find these at your craft store! We purchased this pack from Amazon.

Monofilament Line: Pick this up at your hardware store or purchase a roll on Amazon. This is the one we ordered.

This Halloween, make your own bats with your kids! This free, printable template is perfect for practicing fine motor skills while creating adorable decorations for the holiday. Crafty parents: these cute creatures can double as a wine bottle topper.  See pictures below!

What you’ll need:

  • Printer and paper for printing template (click PDF link below)
  • Scissors (tip: cut out pieces for young kids new to scissors)
  • Removable double stick tape or glue stick
  • Fishing line, monofilament line, or string for hanging

Printable Halloween Activity for Kids- Create Your Own Bat PDF

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What are your kids’ favorite things? What are yours? I had a hard time choosing one for each category so I made room for 3 choices!
Click the image below to download, save, and print the PDF activity sheet.

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