The Bird Feed NYC is created by me- Carina Zimmerman! A little bit about me:

*I’m one of the founders of TLB Music. My best friend Katia and I opened the Upper East Side early childhood education center and indoor playspace in 2009.

*I’m a musician. I play piano, violin, guitar and several other instruments!

*I’m a proud auntie (“Tía” in my family) to 2 adorable nephews and 2 nieces.

*I’ve been vegan since 2011.  I had been vegetarian for 14 years before that but after learning about the egg and dairy industry and realizing that dairy was making me sick, I decided that the plant-based lifestyle was the only way for me.  No more contributing to cruelty and it’s so much better for my health and our planet.  Follow my Instagram account (@thebirdfeednyc) to see what I love to eat!

*I’ve lived in NYC for over 12 years now and am still head-over-heels with this city!


The Bird Feed’s readers fall into lots of categories: parents, teachers, history buffs, musicians, vegans, and NYC-lovers. Here are some of the things you’ll find here:

Music for Kids and Adults:
I’m a musician so I have lots of favorite songs and music history to share!

Most Popular: Classical Music for Kids: Saint-Saëns’ Aquarium
My Favorites: The Eva Cassidy Story and my This Day in Music History series


Printable Activities:
I love creating eye-catching printables for kids to help make learning fun.

Most Popular: Nature Scavenger Hunt, Musical Instrument Families, and my Father’s Day Card
My Favorites: City Scavenger Hunt and Origami Piano


NYC History:
I’m obsessed with my city! I’m always snapping pictures of its details and scouring photograph archives for historical NYC pictures.

Most Popular: Children in NYC: 100 Years of Photos
My Favorites: Then and Now: Grand Central Station and Then and Now: New York Public Library


Product Recommendations:
Kids clothes, accessories, maternity wear, long-lasting toys, diaper bags and more.

Most Popular: Halloween Costumes for Babies, Toddlers, and Big Kids
My Favorites: Mommy à la Mode: 12 Head-Turning Looks for Gorgeous Moms-to-Be


I’m an old soul… I love taking a peek back in time through old photographs.

Most Popular: The Baby Stroller: A Visual History
My Favorites: Toys: A Visual History (1890s – 1990s) and Mothers: 100 Years in Photos


Vegan Lifestyle:
Plant-based recipes and cruelty-free beauty and products.

Most Popular:  Raspberry Vanilla Vegan Cupcakes and The Best Non-Toxic, Cruelty-Free Cleaning Products
My Favorite:  Cruelty-Free Beauty from Head to Toe and No-Cheese Cheesy Heart Crackers: Easy, Addictive, and Vegan!

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