I was so happy to see the Van Leeuwen truck today!  It means Summer is almost here! This ice cream company’s vegan options are the BEST in NYC. Last time I had Van Leeuwen, there were only two vegan flavors: chocolate and vanilla. Sounds boring but it was actually the most creamy, rich, and indulgent ice cream I’d had since going vegan. Now, they have 4 vegan flavors! Chocolate (Michel Cluizel), Pistachio (Hand-Picked Bronte Nuts), Banana Nut (Roasted Bananas & Candied Walnuts), and Mint Chocolate Chip (Oregon Peppermint & 72% Askinosie Chocolate Chips). Their vanilla flavor is on hiatus undergoing reformulation! I just tried the Banana Nut and am blissfully in dessert-before-dinner heaven.

Read about Van Leeuwen here and make sure to try a cup or cone next time you see the yellow truck!

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