1872- The Original: Grand Central Depot.

With the current project underway at Grand Central Station, we thought it would be fun to look back in time at the history of the station.  The project, expected to be completed in 2016 and operational by 2018, will connect the Long Island Rail Road’s Main and Port Washington lines in Queens to a new underground terminal at Grand Central.  This is expected to save LIRR travelers 30-40 minutes of commuting time each day!  Scroll below to view Grand Central Station’s history in pictures.

Grand Central Station History

1871- The original Grand Central Depot opened.

1898- Grand Central Depot underwent renovations and was renamed “Grand Central Station”.  Three stories, a new roof and a new facade were all added (source).

1902- Only four years later, after a deadly accident, plans began to redesign all the tracks and rebuild a new station.

1903-1913-  Construction of the new Grand Central Station. In 1910, the old station itself was demolished and the new station was completed in 1913.

1954- A plan was proposed by William Zeckendorf to demolish and replace Grand Central with an 80-story building.  The plan was abondoned.

1962- The Metlife Building, originally called the Pan Am Building, was completed and opened in 1963.

1994-2000- After the MTA signed a long term lease on the building, Grand Central underwent renovations and restorations.

2007-  Construction began for the East Side Access project which will connect the LIRR to Grand Central.


Grand Central Station, New York City c 1896


Grand Central Depot c. 1900

1900-The Predecessor to the Modern Day Grand Central Station

Grand Central Excavation 2

Excavation for the new Grand Central Terminal

park avenue and grand central station under construction looking south may 1910

1910- Grand Central Station and Park Avenue Under Construction

Covering the Tracks

Grand Central Terminal Steel Frame Construction

Steel Frame Under Construction

1911 Illustration

Grand Central Station Nearing Comletion  circa 1913

1913- Nearing Completion

1913 Illustration


Grand Central Station Park Ave Bdge c. 1919



park avenue looking north from 39th street june 1928






Grand Central Terminal, New York City, 1946.

1946 Postcard

Marilyn Monroe-Grand Central Station, 1955

NY Grand Central Station (posted 1957)


aerial view of pan am building under construction july 1962

1962- Pan Am Building Under Construction

The Pan Am Building (now the Metlife Building) was completed in 1962.

NewYork - Pan Am Building

1980- Pan Am Building

CT235 Grand Central Station


1995 8 New York, Grand Central Terminal the MetLife Building 162


Grand Central Terminal New York


010301 - grand central


Grand Central Station


Grand Central


New York, Midtown, Pan Am Building




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