Just Like You is a children’s book by Robert Kroupa and illustrated by Hannah E. Harrison that teaches children about acceptance.  When we heard that 100% of the profits of Just Like You are donated to charity, we knew we had to share it with you!  The Just Like You Foundation‘s mission is to teach children the values of universal acceptance.

From the Just Like You Foundation site:

Bullying and discrimination are not rites of passage. From childhood and beyond, many of us are bullied, excluded or discriminated against. It’s more vital than ever to instill the message of acceptance to all ages, particularly young children.

When you purchase a copy of the book, you get to choose one of five featured charities to receive 100% of the profits from your sale.  Or, if you’d like,  you can donate the profit to all five organizations.  Click here to view the five charities featured by the Just Like You Foundation.

The book tells the story of Boris and Henry, two forest creatures who live and play by themselves because they don’t look like everyone else.  Watch the trailer for the book:


We love everything about this book- its message, its adorable illustrations and, most importantly, it charitable mission!

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